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Eden Natural Wood Domestic Flooring

With a large range of different types of wooden flooring and finishes, we understand there is a lot of choice out there. Our friendly service and extensive experience in hardwood flooring products will ensure you are provided with as much information as you need to allow you to make the right choice for your home.

Whether it’s one room or a whole home, we do not consider any job too small and can supply samples of flooring with a variety of finishes that you can select from. We only work with reputable suppliers of high quality materials with full guarantee with lengthy guarantees.
Eden Natural Wood Domestic Flooring


Laminate has come a long way in recent years, providing a great looking finish that is durable and hardwearing, making this a great choice for busy homes. It’s practical for families whilst retaining a stylish look, and with a number of different finishes available, they often look like a real wood floor.

Engineered wood

An engineered floor gives a hardwood veneer providing the look of a solid hardwood floor on a stable wood ply back. They are great for high footfall areas, and their superior stability makes them resistant to changes in temperatures and humidity, which makes them a good choice for small to large areas at an affordable cost.

Solid wood

A solid wood floor can be an investment piece built to last. For some, it can’t be beat as a natural product that provides a unique feel to a home with its different tones and variations in the wood. It’s also great at retaining heat in your home. Different woods available include oak, ash, birch and maple as the more popular choices.

See some of our recent domestic projects which are shown within our portfolio page.

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